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My one-day juice cleanse with Imbibery London

I’ve been wanting to do a cold-pressed juice cleanse for a while now, so I’ve been reading up about the different brands and what they have to offer. Imbibery London jumped out at me on Instagram, as so many health & fitness lovers who I follow have recommended it.

As I’ve never done a juice cleanse before I only wanted to do it for one day, just to give my digestion a rest and give my body and eating habits a little reset. In all honesty, picking to do it a day before the Easter weekend (including nights out and chocolate eggs) probably wasn’t the best plan, but I stuck to it and really wish I had another days worth this week!

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I eat well and live a healthy lifestyle, but we all have our off days when we feel a little bit bloated and sluggish. I wanted to give my body a chance to get rid of any nasty toxins, which I why I chose to only do the juice cleanse for only one day.

Anyway, timing aside, here’s how I got on with the ID1 Imbibery cleanse:

7am: I chose to have a very alkalising start to my day with the 100% lemon shot mixed with water. Looking back I probably should have had this at another time, as I’m not great with the bitterness of lemon, so got off on the wrong foot (juice!).

8:47am: Time for my first green juice of the day made with spinach, cucumber, celery, apple and lemon, which is said to act as a natural pick-me-up. It tasted amazing and even though I wanted to gulp it all down, I was conscious of getting hungry, so I took my time and made it last for about 45mins. The Imbibery green juice is also said to help your skin when you’re feeling a bit puffy, so for me with my sleepy morning eyes it was brilliant!

10:36am: My tummy started rumbling, so I had a green tea to help settle it.

11:20am: Tummy was still rumbling, but time for my next juice, so I was pretty excited! The pineapple and ginger juice was again, VERY tasty and I wanted it to last all day. Bromelain, an enzyme found in pineapples, helps decrease swelling, even in your nose and sinuses. Ginger helps above and below the neck: it is used for preventing colds and flus, and helps with respiratory problems. It is also great for blood circulation and it relieves nausea.

12:15pm: I decided on doing a weights class at the gym at 12:15am, much to the surprise of my colleagues. I had spent the morning feeling very hungry, but now I was getting into the juice flow, so decided to stick to my normal routine and head to the gym. I know my body well enough to know if I’ve done too much and should take a break but I stormed through that class feeling better than ever.

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1:30pm: The roots juice was a great post-workout fuel, made up of beet, carrot, apple, lemon and ginger. Imbibery do say that you should try and chew the juices, but it’s much easier said than done and I was struggling to get the hang of it. The roots juice¬†contains antioxidants like beta-carotene and Vitamin A, which help repair and sustain hair, skin, and nails.

2:07pm: Time for a peppermint tea, just to keep my rumbling tummy quiet! It was an odd feeling though, being hungry in terms of a growling tummy, but actually feeling good and pretty perky.

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4pm: After two hours of focusing on work and not paying much attention to my hunger, I suddenly realised that I was in fact very hungry and was really craving real food. In my guidelines from Imbibery it said I was allowed to have either half and avocado, some cucumber or some celery. I’m not sure if they meant a whole cucumber, but that’s what I went for and it was GREAT! The juices are more filling and tasty, but I just wanted to actually be eating something.

I had the cucumber along with my 4th juice of the day – the spicy limeade, made up of lime, lemon, h2o, cayenne pepper agave. The limeade helps boost your metabolism, so it was probably good timing with my cucumber consumption.

6:15pm: I had a nit of a nightmare with this one, as I had planned to have my green juice on the train up to see Rob, but annoyingly reeeaaaally needed to pee for the whole journey, so I didn’t get to enjoy the whole bottle of juice. The spinach, cucumber, celery and ginger made for a very tasty mix though!

8:30pm: I thought I was going to be really hungry by this point, but Rob and I were so busy shopping and cleaning the house when I arrived that I forgot I even had another juice to drink. I got through half of the yummy cashew mylk and decided to call it a day.

Raw cashews have a lot of copper, which helps your hair, skin, and nails, as well as magnesium which help make your bones that much stronger. Cinnamon helps regulate blood sugar and curbs craving.

The outcome

I don’t know if a one day cleanse is long enough to say that I’m fully detoxed or my skin looks radiant, but I certainly felt refreshed and ready to take on the weekend. I’ll definitely do a one day cleanse again, but next time I’ll time it better and do it after a hectic weekend, not before! Typically I could really have done with all those nutrients one day this week, as I have a stupid cold and my body is as weak as anything.

Special thanks to the lovely Imbibery team for providing me with the yummy juices and also gearing me up with lots of info about how to get the most from my juice cleanse experience!

Happy juicing! x