Cat Meffan

My new fitness inspiration

This could be a little weird, as I don’t actually know this girl and she’s not hugely famous, but I found her one day, whilst perusing the isles of Instagram and me-oh-my she’s hot. It helps that she spends most of her life in her bikini, so people can drool over those abs. Oh and that tan!

I reposted one of her photos on my Instagram and a lot of people liked it, however there was one comment from a guy I know saying “she’s a bit too slim, where are the curves” – it’s always nice to know that it’s true, men DO like some curves!

Just thought I’d share some of her Instagram pics with you… they motivated me to get down to the gym, so they might work for you too. Enjoy!

Follow StephClaireSmith on Instagram. Hopefully she won’t mind me using these pics for the blog!

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