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My Favourite People To Follow On Snapchat

Hopefully some of you reading this watch my story on Snapchat… you know the one where I’m sat on the sofa, drinking tea, wearing a purple fluffy dressing gown?! Yep, all of the fitness and wellbeing blogger vibes right there! I love Snapchat not only because I get to share the totally unedited things that happen in my day with you (however boring they might be!), but also because I get a little insight into the lives of others. SO, if you’re wondering who are the best people to follow on snapchat then I’ve got some suggestions for you.

I have a few favourite people who I follow on Snapchat that I want to share with you. Some for fitness and yoga inspiration, others to make me smile & laugh and some just because they’re awesome! See below who are my favourites and why…

CARLY ROWENA (carlyrowena)

One of my all time favourite ladies in fitness, Carly is exactly the same in real life as you see her on Snapchat – kind, funny, and super hot! Follow her for funny videos of the amazing Steven The Frenchy as well as updates on new blog posts, videos and her days in and around London. And not forgetting the odd post-workout selfie that makes me want to get my butt to the gym.

AJ ODUDU (aj.odudu)

Another one of my favourite fitties, this lady puts a smile on my face every time her bright eyes come on my screen. Her sunny disposition and loud daily “Good Morning!” make me want to hop into the phone and give her a big squeeze. If that’s not enough, follow AJ to see what she gets up to behind the scenes filming for 4Music and on her various other shoots and trips abroad.

GYPSET GODDESS (gypsetgoddess)

Caitlin was one of the first people I followed on Snapchat when I joined. I’d been following her Instagram for a while and was intrigued to know more about the bendy lady in the beautiful photos. Follow Caitlin to get an insight into her LA yogi life, where she shares a house with fellow amazing yogi Andrew Sealy. You’ll get to see her on shoots, running around to & from meetings and watch her travel the world… if only I could come along too!

IN THE FROW (inthefrow)

Victoria is seriously beautiful, even the unfiltered snapchat version of her when she’s woken up. She’s funny and kind and has a wardrobe most girls dream of owning. Follow her to see lots of new goodies being unboxed, go with her as she travels the world to sunny destinations and get updates of her new blogs and videos.

STEPH ELSWOOD (stephelswood)

Steph’s Snapchat makes me laugh on a daily basis. Steph in real life is just as much of a hoot, but if you haven’t been lucky enough to meet her then follow her on snapchat as she shares hilariously captioned childhood photos, plays Disney songs to her boyfriend to get in out of bed and struts her stuff around London from one fitness class to another. Steph is also pretty damn amazing in the kitchen, so you’ll get a few cooking tips thrown in too.


Morgan goes by the same name on Instagram, so if you’re a fan of yoga, but aren’t already following her then I suggest you do right now. Based in Kentucky, Morgan updates Snapchat on life surrounding her amazing dogs, doing acro yoga, workouts at the gym and the pretty Gingerbread house she lives in.

And while you’re following the wonderful bunch of humans above, make sure you’re following me too – @catmeffan.

Love, Cat x



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