Cat Meffan

Muscle knots: what a pain!

On Monday I was having a moan on Twitter about having really sore shoulders and then Trueskin Medispa in Bluewater came to my rescue! Muscle knots are something that we all get, and mine are definitely a mix of strenuous activity like lifting weights along with being hunched over my laptop on a daily basis. I often find myself typing with one hand, while the other attempts to massage out the knots in my ever-achy shoulders.

Muscle knots are points within a muscle where contracted muscle fibers are unable to release, or, as the dictionary puts it: “highly irritable localised spots of exquisite tenderness in a nodule in palpable taunt bands of muscle tissue.” – I prefer the simple definition!


I’ve always loved the idea of having a massage and I know how beneficial they can be, but sometimes I just can’t justify spending the money… which is ridiculous seeing as I spend a small fortune on sportswear, so why not spend money on making sure by body recovers properly?!

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The treatment area of Trueskin couldn’t be further away from feeling like you’re in a huge shopping centre. It was so tranquil and beautifully designed with big plants, dark wooden decking & soothing music. After having a chat with Lauren, my masseuse, we agreed that I should have the Elemis deep tissue back, neck & shoulder massage, using Elemis Musclease massage oil.

I’ve only ever had one massage before, so I’m definitely not claiming to be an all-knowing source of information on the subject, but obviously anyone can say whether it felt amazing and if helped with the problem, which my Trueskin experience really did. A day later I’m still pain free. I know it’s inevitable that my muscle knots will return, so I’m just going to savour this pain free weekend! I need to be better at stretching out with my foam roller to keep the knots to a minimum.

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Trueskin offers a wide range of treatments (click here to view) and has clinics based in Harley Street, Bluewater and Esher.

Thanks to Lauren and the Trueskin Medispa team for making me feel so welcome and finally easing the pain in my shoulders!

I’ll be back! x