Cat Meffan


Yikes, it’s been a little while since I posted my activewear favourites on the blog! I have no clue why, as searching the world wide web for my favourite leggings is up there with my favourite things to do! 😉 Just kidding, kind of. As a lot of my post have been pretty personal and deep of late, I thought I’d do a bit of online shopping for you today instead. These are the activewear favourites that absolutely loving at the moment.

And if you’re interested to see what I bought recently for my holiday, check out my latest YouTube video… not a single piece of activewear in sight!

  1. Dusky pink backpack
  2. Rose gold headphones
  3. Silver ‘om’ necklace – Is it ok to have your own design as a favourite?! I don’t see why not. 😉
  4. White cut-out swimsuit
  5. Monochrome sports bra
  6. Marble water bottle
  7. Dusky pink trainers



Love, Cat x