Cat Meffan

Welcome to the weird & wonderful world of Limbo

After seeing Limbo for the first time last year, I jumped at the opportunity to attend the press launch last Thursday night, as I loved it so much the first time.

If you read my blog regularly then you’ll know that I’m an ex-gymnast and dancer and still have a huge passion for all things with an acrobatic or bendy focus – I can tell you now that Limbo does not disappoint on that aspect! It’s always hard to talk about these shows in a way that is going to make you want to see it for yourself, but without giving away the details. Bear with me while I try to do it justice…


Limbo brings a new, sexy and stylish feel to the stage, mixing up everything from circus tricks, modern blues & jazz music, classic dance styles and jaw-droppingly amazing. bendy and gasp-worthy tricks. Yep, that’s a lot of adjectives for one sentence, but Iim sure you’ll walk away saying it was all of those things!


At times there are moments when you find yourself wondering why certain parts have been included, like a couple trying to undress each other in a comedic fashion and the random walks across the stage by the cast, which just seem to waste a bit of time. BUT don’t let that put you off. The good far outweighs the slightly pointless.

Danik Abishev’s hand-balancing act framed by prison bars made from light is one of those moments you just don’t want to blink in case the air moves and he falls – but thankfully he didn’t! There is also an incredible Chinese pole routine from Mikael Bres, who tosses a feather into the air and slides down the pole at electrifying speed to catch it before it hits the floor. There is much more to gasp at in amazement, but like I said, I don’t want to give too much away.


Produced by Australian company Strut & Fret and directed by Scott Maidment, Limbo brings together a small cast bursting with flexible joints and muscular limbs. If the talent alone isn’t enough to get you in there (IT SHOULD BE THOUGH), the show has no interval and only lasts for one hour – perfect for the boyfriends who moan about every theatre trip!

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The details:

Running until September 29th 2014 at Udderbelly festival, London Southbank.

Premium seats £30, stalls £20, individual booths £15, standard from Underbelly box office on the day £10

Tuesday – Thursday: Premium seats £40, stalls £27.50, individual booths £20, standard from Underbelly box office on the day £15

Friday – Sunday: Premium seats £50, stalls £35, individual booths£25, standard from Underbelly box office on the day £15

Click here to book tickets and ENJOY! x