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A rave on a bike with Lexie Sport

Last week I went to a rave. A rave in a London basement. A rave in a London basement…. ON A BICYCLE.

Sound a bit odd? Well that’s exactly what I thought when I walked into my first ever spinning experience. This isn’t just any spinning class though – I was invited to take part in a Psycle class by Lexie Sport, the mega cool up-and-coming sportswear brand.

Like I said, I was a spinning virgin up until that point. I never really had a good reason for not trying it, only that I’d rather spend my hour in the gym getting busy with some weights or sweating it out with any jump, crawl or action named after an animal.

Casual excitement about the Psycle class and Lexie collection.

Casual excitement about the Psycle class and Lexie collection.


Aside from the bruised bum bones, I came away from the class with a huge grin on my face. I’m not sure if it was Tim (our instructor)’s energy, the fact I was surrounded by like-minded fitness fanatics or the epic sweat I had going on, I just know that being in that dark basement with nightclub style lights and music made me really blimin’ happy. I see spinning classes happening in my gym and it’s just ‘head down and cycle’, but Psycle has an element of dance involved. You pedal to the beat of the music and follow Tim’s arm movements – quite a lot to take in, but after one or two rounds of each sequence, you’re loving it so much you forget to worry whether you went right instead of left!

Now, I’m not sure if that happiness is enough for me to keep getting sore butt bones, but I definitely won’t rule it out again and any other spinning class would just seem a bit bland in comparison!



Now to Lexie Sport… who is Lexie?

Well you might be surprised to know (as I was) that Lexie isn’t the founder, in fact Lexie is just the brand name and not a person. Lily Rice, founder of Lexie sportswear, graduated from Central St Martin’s college and launched the first British-made collection in 2012. Since then, Lexie has gone from strength to strength, now being stocked at Psycle, Frame Shoreditch, Kings Road Sporting Club and they will also have a pop up at BOXPARK in Shoreditch from March 31st to April 6th. .

Blonde, the second collection, is as pleasing to the eye as the Icon collection was (if not more so with those amazing Diana shorts!) and the campaign just happens to include fitness mega-babe Jane Anderson. Lexie is for the woman that wants to look great and feel great whether she’s in the gym, on the track or in a fitness class. I love nothing more than completing an awesome workout whilst wearing comfortable kit that I feel great in.

Check out the collection below.

Personal Trainer and Model, Jane Anderson

Personal Trainer and Model, Jane Anderson



 To check out more of the Lexie collection click here and if you fancy a spinning rave with Psycle check them out here.

Have fun! x