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Healthy Travelling: Two Simple Tips

I’m very fortunate to travel quite a bit through the blog and healthy travelling is very important to me. I love exploring new places and going on adventures with fellow bloggers and Rob, but the day of travel is always one I dread. I can’t stand the feeling of being stuck in the car or train on the way to the airport, then sat at the airport waiting then onto the plane to sit for a bit longer and then to MORE sitting in a car or coach to get to your destination.

For the majority of people going on holiday is all about letting your hair down and showing off that bikini body you’ve been working on for months, and that’s great. I love seeing confident women on the beach doing what they want and eating what they want, but all I would say is to think about how hard you’ve worked for that awesome feeling, just keep it up for one more day while you travel.

I’d like to think that the two tips below (yes, just two!) are obvious, but I still don’t think they are to the majority, so here’s me trying to spread the word.

Healthy Travelling

Feel good for your arrival in paradise


Depending on what time of day you leave for your holiday, this could be quite hard. For example, I got up at 3:45am this morning, sat in a car, went to the airport and am now in my seat on the plane. This means there was no time for a morning run or walk, but hopefully I won’t be too tired later for a workout. When I say ‘move it’ I’m not expecting you to bust out some press ups and sits up in the plane isle, but I am expecting you to get up every 45-60 mins to stretch your legs. If you don’t mind looking a little odd like me, then why not do some stretching while you’re up to get the blood flowing around the body. Even if you did manage to make it to the gym before you fly, it’s so important to move the body as much as your can, as your muscles and joints will start to stiffen the longer we’re sat for. Not only is this little bit of movement beneficial for the body, it’s actually so good for your mind to get some time away from the screen or book you’ve been looking at.


… to aeroplane food. It’s awful. Even if you’re living the dream in first class, it’s still pretty terrible. You also have no excuse to not get some decent food before you fly, as most airports (especially all of the London airports) have great shops and restaurants. This morning I had the Pret 5-grain porridge with some honey and a cup of tea, which will keep me going until I get to Portugal and even if I get peckish, I’ve come prepared with a superfood quinoa bar to nibble on.

A lot of people still think that you can’t take food through security, but I assure you, YOU CAN. On numerous occasions I’ve prepped food for longer flights, packed it into tupperware boxes and taken it on the flight, which I love seeing more and more people doing. I don’t tend to prep food for short haul flights, as I know I can get something yummy at the airport, but I definitely recommend it for long haul.


Like I said, two very simple tips, but ones that we should really take on board (pardon the pun!) and add in to our travel routine. I’m sitting on the plane flying to Portugal as I write this blog post and as soon as I’ve finished tapping at my laptop, I’ll be getting up for a stroll along the isle.

Love, Cat x



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