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The Healthier Egg ‘Mayo’ Sandwich

Healthy Sandwich Ideas

Healthy Sandwich Ideas

Ok, so I admit this isn’t technically a recipe but I wanted to go old school with my next collaborative post with British Lion Eggs. I might be a fitness blogger and love the healthy lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean I don’t eat things like bread and I love coming up with healthy sandwich ideas. My Dad has always loved an egg-mayo sandwich and used to make them for me when I was in school. Because of that, it’s pretty much always been my go-to sandwich. Nowadays I don’t eat sandwiches¬†very often, but when I do I always go for a homemade egg ‘mayo’ one, although now I use a healthier option rather than mayonnaise and will always have either rye bread or a rye, walnut & sourdough mixed loaf.

Personally I choose not to have a sandwich very often and keep bread as a bit of a treat, but it’s good to know that a yummy homemade sarnie can still be healthy and hearty! Here’s what I used for mine…

2 x hard boiled eggs

1 x tablespoon greek yoghurt

2 x slice of rye or rye mixed bread (in these photos I’ve used a rye, walnut & sourdough mixed loaf from my local bakery)

Garden cress

Side salad

HOW TO MAKE IT (Yes, I’m explaining how to make a sandwich! haha)

Love, Cat x


All British Lion Egg producers (90% of the UK egg industry) have to follow a strict Code of Practice which ensures the highest standards of food safety and animal welfare. I always use organic eggs.