Cat Meffan

Healthy Flapjack Recipe

This is my go-to healthy flapjack recipe for a treat that isn’t full of sugar.¬†When Rob hasn’t eaten the whole batch in one go, I use these as a sweet treat after dinner or even a post-workout snack if I’m on the go. They’re so quick and easy to make, meaning that you can even rustle them up in the morning before a hectic day… If you’re willing to get up about 20-minutes earlier than normal that is!

This recipe is inspired by Deliciously Ella’s one, but I’ve made a few changes to make it suit my tastebuds a little more.


1 large ripe banana

3 cups of gluten free oats

4 x TBSP Bali Nutra coconut syrup

4 x TBSP Coconut oil

4 x TBSP Cashew or almond butter – personally I prefer it with the cashew butter taste


Oh and if you’re wondering what that is on top of mine in the main photo, then you caught me, it’s Nutella! This photo was taken on National Nutella Day though, so that’s totally acceptable, right?!

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 20.26.12