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Friday’s Fashion Fix

Here’s the low down on the awesome things I’ve seen this week…

1. H&M grey and blue sandals – £29.99

I’m trying my hardest to not include so many shoes into these posts, but it’s hard, because I want so many pairs! Check out these H&M beauties, which also come in white with neon pink elastic. I love the detail of the blue sole on these and they’re perfect for this seasons boyfriend/mum jeans trend me thinks.



Available to buy here

2. Opening Ceremony varsity jacket – £260

This is the holy grail of all varsity jackets. I know they’re ‘on trend’ at the moment, but I think this particular one is a classic. If it ever makes it into my wardrobe, I think I’ll still be wearing it when I’m 90… If I make it to 90. Also, if you’re in need of a job, listen up – If you work at Opening Ceremony for over a year, you get one of these with a personalised initial badge on it. Pretty cool, ‘eh!

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 10.11.23

Available to buy from the Opening Ceremony Covent Garden store, details here

3. Zara white beach dress – £39.99

I first saw this in the campaign video with Cara Delevigne and it looked amazing. I don’t think the image below really does it justice, so definitely watch the video, although beware, it’ll make you want to jet off on holiday this very second! I tried it on yesterday and it’s surpisingly good quality for the price. I was expecting the bottom half to be just one layer, therefore making it very see-through, but that’s not the case at all and the the embroidery is so pretty. It’s definitely a must-have for this summer.

Check out the video:

[youtube v=yjh1boEUW98]




Available to buy here

4. Beyond Retro leather green & brown shoulder bag – £19.80

I love this quirky little leather backpack from Beyond Retro. They’ve got a great selection bag-wise online now, possibly better than in store.  I think this is another classic to add to the wardrobe and one that your kids and grandkids can continue to wear when they grow up! Y’know, “I’ve got my great-great-great Grandma’s bag” and all that. All the cool kids get hand-me-downs, right?!

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 10.17.25

Available to buy here

5. eBay blue loafers with gold cheetah face – £13.87

Sadly you can only buy these if your feet are smaller than a size 5. That counts me out, but they’re so cool I wanted to share them with you. They come in black too, but for this season I think the cobalt is perfect.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 10.20.51


Available to buy here


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