Cat Meffan

Friday’s Fashion Fix

As I mentioned in my ‘About Me’ section, fashion is another big love of mine. ‘Friday’s Fashion Fix’ will be a weekly round-up of amazing things I have seen each week, be it a new dress, a fashion exhibition or a new designer. I might also add in one thing that I think should be banned from the world of fashion. Apologies in advance if I offend anyone!

So, here goes!

1. Bittersweets NY Cat Ring – $150

No, it’s not JUST because my name is Cat, although that does help! I’m off to New York in March and CatBird in Williamsburg will without a doubt be my first stop. I love the crookedness of this cat ring by Bittersweets NY. I know that sounds a little odd, but I think it gives it a really nice handmade appeal. It also has a little sister, the mini Cat ring, although from what I can see, it’s out of stock on the website at the moment. Make sure you check out Catbird’s Instagram, as the girls there are also posting photos of how best to wear all of your rings.


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2. Three Floor Fashion meshed up dress – £138

I know it’s not ideal that Mollie from The Saturdays is a fan, but at least she’s the best dressed out of the lot and let’s face it, she did date David Gandy! There’s no denying that Three Floor’s cut out, meshed up, leather looking dresses are awesome. It was tough choosing just one item for this list, as I’d buy the whole collection if I could. This one caught my eye in particular due to the colour, got to love a good old teal… Is it teal? I’m not actually even sure. I just like it, especially the wrap over front panel, giving the dress an asymmetric feel.


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3. The Orphans Arms Fox jumper – £65

I’m not even sure this jumper needs a little paragraph to go with it, I mean jeezzzz just look at the foxes. Yeah yeah yeah, we hate them screeching in our back garden in the middle of the night, and giving us evil eyes when we walk home from a night out, but these guys are on a jumper, so can’t do any harm. The Orphans Arms also do some really cute rabbit tees too. Shop away!


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4. Whistles stretch leather jeans – £395

I know these are expensive, but I definitely think a good quality pair of leather trousers are a must have for life. I have a pair of faux leather ones from Miss Selfridge which have lasted me a good two years, but I think it’s time for a significant upgrade. If you are think of investing in leather trousers, make sure you shop around first, as there are a lot of good pairs out at the moment. I know we should all be thinking of Summer clothes, but I can’t see this cold weather going away for a while.


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5. Urban Outfitters Pyramid Metal Arm Round Sunglasses – £16

A friend of mine came into work wearing these the other day and I think every single one of us tried them on. Sadly, they didn’t suit any of us as much as her, but they’re still great sunglasses and I’m sure we’ll all try to pull them off on our Summer holidays this year. I know they’re not much different to something that Topshop, ASOS or New Look have, but Urban Outfitters just seem to have got the shape and size of these absolutely perfect. If you only spend £16 on your holiday wardrobe this year, make sure it’s these you spend it on.


Should these be banned from the fashion world?

There’s no denying that Christian Louboutin makes some beautiful shoes and I for one would absolutely love to own a pair, HOWEVER, I saw these this week and think they should be illegal. I mean look, just LOOK, they’re a prostitute’s dream. Mr Louboutin, I’m sorry, I love you and 99% of your shoes, just not these ones.