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Your Free Online Yoga Classes & Challenge

I’m very aware that this post is coming rather late, as we’re over half way through my #YOGANUARY challenge, but as the videos are free and will be staying on YouTube, you can take part at any time and repeat any flows or sessions that you like. The best way to think of #YOGANUARY is a month full of free online yoga classes! I’m so blown away with the comments I’ve had so far – So many people are loving it, which makes me so happy. I realised this morning that stupidly I haven’t told you all about it on the blog. I know there will be a crossover, but lots of you might not even know I have a YouTube channel, so here’s a little bit about what I’m doing for #YOGANUARY and how you can get involved.

Yoganuary is a 31-day yoga challenge that I am bringing you every day (videos go live at 6am everyday) throughout January to not only help work on your movement and tone those bodies, but to hopefully teach you about lots of other aspects of yoga. All I ask of you is to open your mind, get on your mat and spend a little bit of time there every day.

So far I’ve given you long flows, short flows, ‘How To’ guides on certain postures, a look a mediation, breathing and some writing exercises for the mind. Like I said, even though we’re a way into it, all of the videos are free and on my YouTube channel, so you can start at any time, repeat any videos you want to and just keep on moving and learning.


Here are some of my favourites from the #YOGANUARY challenge so far…





There will be (or ‘are’, depending on when you’re reading this) 31 free online yoga classes in total. Use them to learn, use them for your practice and most importantly enjoy watching them. Obviously I’ll still be filming lots of videos for you after January, just not every single day! 😉 Check out the rest of the videos here.

Love & light, Cat x



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