Cat Meffan

Flash Mob had my Mum on her feet dancing!

On Tuesday evening, after a nice hearty meal at Byron Burger (yes, I have cheat meals!) Mother Meffan and I shimmied on over to the Peacock Theatre for a performance of Flash Mob, the show that brings different genres of dance onto one stage. From Britain’s Got Talent’s Flawless, to¬†Alleviate and Brosena¬†from Got To Dance, I had high hopes for the talent that Flash Mob had on offer.

It was clear from the start that Flawless were the most popular act, with a large screaming and whooping group of girls & guys (aspiring dancers, I assume) making a racket the moment they appeared on stage. This was no bad thing though, it just seemed to excite everyone else in the audience and Flawless’ synchronicity definitely lived up to the hype.

Flawless Dance Troupe

Flawless Dance Troupe


I have to admit that we weren’t blown away by the first half of the show, but I’m not sure if that’s just because it wasn’t what we were expecting; more story focused than dance. The second half was much more to my liking – amazing routines from each act straight after one another. Every time you thought you’d seen the best routine, the next act would come on stage and prove you wrong.


Alleviate Contemporary Dance Duo


The unbelievable speed of Karen Hauer’s hips left my jaw on the floor and the sheer rhythmic delight of Brosena, the contemporary Irish dance duo, put a smile on my face that I just couldn’t shake. For Mum and I, Brosena were the highlight and I think that’s down to the little knowledge I have of Irish dance making it all the more special – since seeing them we’ve booked tickets for Riverdance later this year.

Brosena Contemporary Irish Dance Duo


For a quick taster check out Brosena on Got To Dance:


The finale was a real crowd-pleaser and had us all up on our feet doing a little routine! Wish I’d got a photo of Mum – she was loving it!

Flash Mob is at the Peacock Theatre in London until this Sunday (book tickets here), but do not fear, it’s off on it’s travels around the UK, so have a look at when it’s coming to a theatre near you!

Dance and be merry! x