Cat Meffan

Five Ways To Save Time & A More Balanced Life

This post contains an advertorial with Yushoi Snacks.

I feel that this post is relevant all year round, but even more so with Christmas approaching because on top on the normal life stuff we all have to get done, there is so much more to think about. Christmas parties, present buying, planning for the holidays and much more. These are my favourite ways to save time and be more balanced.

Most of us spend our lives being busy and even though we complain about it, a lot of us wouldn’t have it any other way because the thought of having time to ourselves means we have time with our own thoughts and feelings… and that can be pretty scary sometimes! Anyway, I’m not here today to get deep and meaningful with you. I want to share my top tips to save some time. These aren’t just any old tips, these are tips that should hopefully enrich your life alongside you having a little more time each day, resulting in feeling much more balanced.


We’re all addicted to our phones and spend a huge amount of time on them every day. I think we’ve all been there, opening up a social media app and before you know it you’ve been scrolling for 30 minutes and have no idea what you’ve really gained in that time. I suggest turning off all social media notifications. The only ones I have ever had on are for WhatsApp and texts. I don’t even have email notifications turned on because I know with that, plus social media, I would just be there constantly checking and looking, checking and looking.


When it comes to snacking, if you’re anything like me, three meals a day just don’t cut it. I like to have an afternoon snack most days. When I’m at home this will usually be something from the fridge, but when I’m out and about in London I take a snack with me, otherwise I tend to waste time in places like Pret perusing the shelves for a snack I fancy. To save the 10-15 minutes that it takes to detour to a cafe like that, I come prepared with a packet of Yushoi in my bag. Having a balanced fibrous, pea-based snack like this at the ready means I won’t be tempted to have a sugary snack either. Not only that, Yushoi is affordable and fills that gap perfectly before my next meal.


In you’re pushed for time or if you’d just quite like to have a bit more time to yourself a few days a week, why not swap your gym session or yoga class for one that you can do at home. Whether you’re after a sweaty HIIT workout, a body weight strength session, a chilled out yoga flow or something more powerful, YouTube is full of tutorials for you. On my channel I give a yoga tutorial every single week which varies in level and length of time. Lots of you will know my friends Carly Rowena, Shona Vertue, Alice Liveing and Tally Rye – I massively recommend following them for home workout ideas that are easy to balance with your busy life. And of course The Body Coach if you’re after a short and sweet sweat session! Also keep your eyes peeled for an online fitness platform called FiiT – it launches soon, and will be awesome!


This is something that will not only save you time, but you’ll also be doing your bit for the environment too AND you’ll save a bit of money in the long run. It’s a win win! Rather than spend 10 minutes every morning queueing at your favourite coffee shop for your morning hit, buy yourself a flask or a Keep Cup (a reusable coffee cup) and make your coffee before you leave the house to take with you each morning. The other bonus is that if you like a couple of hot drink hits throughout the day, if you take your reusable cup into the big coffee shop chains, they’ll give you a discount as a well done for being kind to our environment.


How many times have you spent ages going back and forth with someone over WhatsApp just because it’s tougher to understand exactly what they are trying to say? I know I’ve had it numerous times. The next best thing from seeing someone face to face is to talk to them on the phone. Half the time I find that a WhatsApp conversation could have been dealt with in half the time if one of us had just picked up the phone and had a proper chat about it. And we get the added bonus of a deeper connection to a human being. Yay!

Remember that the time you save can be spent doing more of the things that make you happy. 🙂

Love, Cat x