Cat Meffan

Five Things That Require Zero Talent




In this modern world I think so many of us feel that to be happy and successful we need to be ‘talented’ at something, but I beg to differ. Some small and very easy things require zero talent, but can change a person’s mindset to being happier and more understanding of life and what they want out of it.

When I say ‘zero talent’, I’m talking about things that come from within us. Things that we decide about ourselves. Choices we make on how we live our lives. So here are my top five things that require zero talent…

KINDNESS – Doing that little bit extra to be kind to yourself and others costs you nothing and doesn’t require us to be ‘talented’, it just requires us to be thoughtful and to listen.

WORK ETHIC – Do what you do with a positive work ethic. We all know about bosses who can make us feel crap and being in a job that we don’t like, but whilst you’re there, make the most of it. Doing a bad job isn’t a way of getting back at your mean boss, it’s actually making you feel worse about yourself. I’m all for doing a job that I love, but I’m very aware that sometimes this might not be possible for some at least right now anyway, so whilst you’re on the hunt for the job that makes you truly happy, why not try making yourself feel awesome by doing your job well?

PUNCTUALITY – It really is the little things. Being 5-10 minutes late for everything might not seem like a big deal, but not only does it stress you out because you’re always rushing, it’s also not fair on the person/people who are waiting for you. If you try harder, set your alarm earlier and be prepared then you can take that stress straight out of your life.

BODY LANGUAGE – This one can be tough. We have patterns that we fall into over time. For example some might cross their arms and others might roll their eyes, so I’m not saying we can all change this instantly, but trying to think about it doesn’t require any talent, it just requires your want to change.

OPEN MIND – Be open to other people’s ideas. Be open to making changes in your own life. Be open to new opportunities. Having an open mind will get you a very long way in terms of personal success.

Love, Cat x