Cat Meffan

The Summer Activewear Pieces I’m Loving

Once again I’ve been scanning the world wide web on the hunt for my favourite summer activewear pieces to share with you this month, which as you can see from this selection, I’m having a slight obsession for all things, black, white and grey at the moment.

I live most of my life in activewear, so when it comes to summer I actually find dressing rather hard… by summer I mean the very few days in England that are actually hot. This is because I REALLY dislike capri/cropped leggings (they’re just not flattering on my legs), shorts usually look too sporty for a day of meetings and I worry about being too hot in full length leggings. BUT I’m staying true to myself and am still sharing the love for full-length leggings – I’ll just have to deal with having hot legs.

I love the pieces that I’ve picked to feature this month. The Nike trainers and adidas tee are already part of my workout wardrobe and I’m sure the other pieces will be soon.

  1. New Era White Cap
  2. adidas Pinstripe Tee
  3. Nike Lab Monochrome Leggings
  4. Blue Life Fit Cut Out Sports Bra
  5. Nike Court Silver Trainers



Love, Cat x