Cat Meffan

BEFORE & AFTER: The Beauty Product I’m Loving

This post contains a paid advertorial for the new Decléor CC Cream launch.

Those that have been reading my blog and following my YouTube & social media shenanigans will know that I spend most of my life make-up free. This is mainly down to the fact that I work from home and teach yoga, two things that I would rarely put on anything other than moisturiser for. That being said I do spend a lot of my time running here there any everywhere and sometimes I wish I had time to put on a little something to even out my skin tone.

I am very aware that I have been blessed with good skin, but as with all humans there are days when I look extremely tired, days when my skin has a few spots and blemishes and days when the red patches on my face are slightly more noticeable. I’ve never been one to want to plaster on lots of make up, as I like my skin to be able to breathe, which is why I absolutely love the new Decléor Hydra Floral White Petal SPF50 Protective CC Cream. Up until I started using this cream about 3 weeks ago I’d never used a CC cream before…. WHY I keep asking myself now!

I always use an SPF cream each morning to protect my face from the sunshine (even when the sun is not out, it’s important to stay protected), and then I apply make up if I’m feeling fancy. The Decléor Hydra Floral White Petal SPF50 Protective CC Cream has now changed the game, as it’s also an SPF 50, therefore not only making my skin look a little more even and clear, but also saving me time each day.

Here is the before (face just washed – no product) and after (just the Decléor Hydra Floral White Petal SPF50 Protective CC Cream)…


What I love about this product is that it feels light to wear, one of my biggest frustrations with lots of products out there. Not only do I feel like I haven’t got anything on, but I feel like my skin glows just a little bit more than normal, making me a very happy lady.

The Decléor Hydra Floral White Petal SPF50 Protective CC Cream is exclusive to QVC and from June 14th QVC has an exclusive offer on five awesome Decléor products, including this one. Other products part of the offer are the Decléor Hand Cream, Decléor Lip Balm, Decléor Micellar Water, Aroma Solution Serum Hydrotenseur – Anti-fatigue. These products are all worth £125.50, but QVC will be selling them for £44.94. SHOP HERE.


Love, Cat x