Cat Meffan

Coolest Paws in Town

This week was payday. A big monthly event in my diary. Normally, payday means I go a little crazy and end up buying a million things I really don’t need, but sadly I’m trying to be responsible with my money, so have allowed myself one (yes, just ONE) purchase during May.

Obviously, me being me, I went and used up that one shopping token on the very first day. You can’t blame me though, these Nike Air Max 90s are the coolest trainers I’ve seen in a long time… well since my last pair of awesome Nike trainers (picked by my boyfriend – very impressive) in September. The muted tones mean I can wear them with just about anything – very handy, as I had a small backpack to squeeze four days worth of clothes into for this weekend. No space for extra shoes! Anyway, enough babbling, check out my sexy feet below…



I’m a pro at getting round the boyfriend:

Rob and I are trying to save money at the moment, so he wasn’t too impressed that I’d gone out and bought these. I won him over though with a loving text…




… Oh and I wasn’t lying about how much they were, I was just very fortunate to get discount from a friend that works at ASOS! Rob isn’t actually as mean as he sounds here – I just had to cut some of his message! If anything, he’s jealous of my amazing trainers.

Excited as ever, I wore them the very next day and here’s the outfit I opted for:



Trainers – Nike/ASOS

Jeans – Topshop

Crop Top – American Apparel

Belt – Vintage

Nail Varnish – Topshop and Sinful Colours 

Hopefully May hurries the hell up so I can start spending again in June. Look out for a couple of naughty ‘oops I spent more money’ posts in the meantime though!