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This blog post is to tell you about two things. One is extremely important, the other is just pretty cool (featuring Mr Cole Sprouse) and I wanted to share it with you.

Let’s start with the important stuff first…

Some of you may already know that The Body Shop has joined forces with Cruelty Free International to bring to life a campaign to finally put a stop to animal testing in the cosmetic industry all over the world. The campaign has been hugely successful, so far getting over 6 million signatures, but we need more. Testing on animals is absolutely not necessary and MUST stop. We can make that happen by doing just one small thing. By signing the Forever Against Animal Testing campaign and sharing with your friends and family, you’ll help put a stop to cruelty to animals on a global scale.


If you’d like to take it one step further and really help move the campaign along, please do share it on your social channels, tag @thebodyshop and use the hashtag #foreveragainstanimaltesting. You might think that just signing a petition is a tiny act, but if we all did it, think of the incredible change we could make. Thank you in advance for reading this and for signing. The bunnies love you!

And then onto the other thing I mentioned…

It feels like so long ago in many ways, but the memories are still pretty fresh! Last August I was invited out to L.A. with The Body Shop to do a photoshoot for the upcoming 2018 products. I’ve been lucky enough to do a few cool shoots over the years, but never did I think I’d be flown over to California to shoot with Cole Sprouse on location with an awesome team from The Body Shop and three amazing, influential people! I massively recommend checking out Rain Dove, Tasha Green & Molly Chiang.

body shop 2


body shop 1



It was a pretty last minute and fleeting trip, as Cole was over in LA to shoot in between filming Riverdale, so we had lots of work to get on with. First we drove over to a house in Malibu with the most beautiful gardens to shoot a few bits… most notably for me was walking through the bushes and Cole casually pointing out a snake and then asking me to pose for the photo! Fortunately snakes don’t scare me too much, so there I was crouching amongst the bushes in Malibu with a little snake lurking nearby. Going on trips like this can be a little daunting, but the people I got to shoot with were all so lovely and The Body Shop team and Cole Sprouse’s team made me feel extremely comfortable.

Here’s how one of my shots from day one turned out…

Cat Meffan Fresh Nude Foundation 1

I’m not at all used to seeing myself like this, and neither will you be if you’re regular readers of the blog.  At first I picked myself apart – all the silly little things that I’m sure no one would notice – but now I look at it and really love it!

Day two was much more full on for me. We headed out to a ranch and got to work with wardrobe and make up. Despite my legs getting battered from running through the fields, it was so fun and rather hilarious as I fell over numerous times! I didn’t want the day to end. It was hot, full on and sweaty, but we laughed a lot, we created some awesome shots and even when we thought the light had gone and we’d missed the final shot, Cole made magic happen and we got it…

Cat Meffan Sportify 1

Nothing like having to run and down a road to get a sweat on and look out of breath for the photo. Cheers Cole! At least you know it was real! This is for the new Sportify range which you’ll be seeing lots more of soon.

And in case you just came here to see a photo of Cole Sprouse, please do sign the petition too! 😉


Love, Cat x

This post contains an advertorial for The Body Shop. All views are my own.