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I’m #ThatGirl with the sore bum muscles!

It’s Monday evening and I’m sitting in front on my laptop with a welcome bit of soreness in my glutes and inner thighs. The pain is well justified though – That Girl gave it to me. Now you’re probably thinking I’ve gone a little nuts, writing about some random girl, but no, That Girl is the workout brain-child of super talented sportswear designer Charli Cohen and fashion’s favourite personal trainer Christina Howells.

That Girl has been devised by the fitness duo especially for women who have a hectic schedule and need a workout they can do at home, in the office, in the gym or in the park via their laptop or mobile. I was told it’s the ultimate fitness fashion accessory for 2014 and I couldn’t wait to throw myself into my first workout!

I took to my living room on Saturday morning to try out the Notting Hill workout. One thing I would say is READ EVERYTHING first, as you need to understand the layout of the high intensity workout to get the most out of it. In all honesty I wasn’t actually expecting to sweat as much as I did – I had to take a break half way through to email Charli and let her know how sweaty I was! Sexy, yep.

The workout can be as hard as you make it and as with any high intensity interval training, it’s always great to push yourself to the max – avoiding injury obviously! There are some great tips next to each exercise too – ways to make it harder or easier, which shows the thought that has gone into the making of That Girl.

Other than a chair (or something similar), you won’t need any equipment, which is what makes these workouts so versatile. When (if!) the sunshine returns I can jog up to my local park and execute a That Girl workout and all I need is my own body. Perfect!

Sportswear designer and personal trainer, Charli Cohen

Sportswear designer and personal trainer, Charli Cohen

Christina Howells, personal trainer to fashion's elite demonstrates the workout exercises

Christina Howells, personal trainer to fashion’s elite demonstrates the workout exercises

The details:

There are currently two different membership options – both of which just include one upfront payment.

That Girl Lite – £15

Includes two signature bodyweight workouts, demonstrations and hot tips.

That Girl – £35

Includes three signature bodyweight workouts, the Mrs Miller sexy legs workout and an expert nutrition plan.


Anyone can sign up for That Girl membership – just visit the website and select a package. That Girl has got some very exciting collaborations coming up  too with well-known names on the London wellness circuit including The Juicery, Organic Burst and The Detox Kitchen – keep your eyes peeled!

And to round this all off, here’s me looking suitably pink and sweaty post-workout, chilling out with my husky pal for a well-earned rest!


P.S. The body Christina is wearing in all of the demos is my absolute favourite piece from her new collection and it’s sure to be sold out in no time! Follow the ladies on Twitter for info on #ThatGirl and their own personal fitness infused lives!



Got to love Those Girls! x