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blue monday

With the many Blue Monday emails hitting my inbox this week, it got me thinking about how that day makes us feel. The fact that I had an email about National Measure Your Feet Day, kind of tells us that these made up days are possibly going a bit too far. I mean COME ON. I know I should be in support of many of these days, but it just seems that every day is there to make us aware of something. If it’s not penguins (side note: I’m 100% on board for that one), it’s the latest superfood.

Hopefully a lot of you don’t even recognise Blue Monday, but I know lots of you will, as it’s hard to escape the many newspaper articles telling us about it and ways to get through the blues. No doubt there will be a few people who woke up feeling perfectly fine, but with that negative ‘Blue Monday’ energy in the air, it’s hard to not let it get to you, so you end up feeling a little sad.

Here’s the thing… there will be many days throughout the year that the weather is gloomy and grey, we’re having to count the pennies and maybe we’ve just come home from a great holiday and have post-holiday blues. Sadness is normal and you should let it come and go as it pleases, but just don’t let someone else tell you what day that should be on. Maybe while you sit reading the London Metro about how depressed the UK is on Blue Monday, you’ll see your favourite Instagrammer put up a photo of them on holiday, but that doesn’t mean their life is any better than yours. They just chose to share that particular moment of their life. Comparison is a dangerous game, even more so when people are telling you it’s a sad day, so I say sod what they tell you, be sad if you want to, but also be blimmin’ happy if you want to and don’t let the Monday Blues get you down. I’m not sure there is such a thing, but when there’s a happiest day of year, feel free to be really sad on that day if you wish, my point is that only you decide.

And if you are feeling a little low about it being gloomy and dark outside, just know that I’m feeling it too. Along with many other people. We’re in it together and hey, Spring time isn’t too far away!

This blog post doesn’t just apply to this week when you’ve got the media telling you that you might be sad, it’s a reminder for life. Sure, shit things happen and you’re going to have bad days, but don’t let someone else tell you when those days are. Only you can decide how you react to a situation and whether you chose to see the positive or the negative.

I wish you the happiest of happy Mondays!

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Love, Cat x




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