Cat Meffan


I know London has a lot of amazing vegan cafes and restaurants to eat at, but they just feel so spread out. Being a vegan in Lisbon was a dream, as we ate some of the yummiest vegan food I’ve had so far. Here are the best vegan restaurants in Lisbon…


PSI is a vegetarian and vegan restaurant, one of the oldest of its kind in Lisbon. A random, but pretty cool fact about PSI is that the founder had a strong relationship with the Buddhist community in Portugal and she dreamed of having the Dalai Lama come to her restaurant. She wrote him a letter to invite him there and the rest is history! So, if the Dalai Lama approves, then this places has got to be pretty awesome. I recommend the hummus and falafel to start, the mango, tofu & peanut curry for main and the vegan chocolate mousse for dessert. It’s all so amazing and at a very reasonable price.

Booking a table is recommended. We did manage to get a table for four without booking one night, but it was a little stressful, so save yourself the stress and book.


Eight, The Health Lounge

Located right in the centre of town, Eight is the perfect pitstop for a long day of mooching around the city. One thing to note is that they don’t serve coffee, but they do awesome alternatives like superfood boosters and I can recommend the maca mocha if you’re after something warm. The smoothie bowls are delicious (pictured above) and the pesto tofu panini is also a winner. Oh AND the ‘guilt-free cake of the day’ is worth getting. I had a brownie one day and an apple and cinnamon cake the next – both delicious!


Jardim das Cerejas

If you’re on the hunt for yummy food at a very affordable price, look no further. You might have to wait for a table, but it’s worth the wait and as Jardim das Cerejas is buffet style, the table turnover is pretty quick. I personally don’t drink alcohol, but my friends did and couldn’t get over the €1.50 price tag per glass. I had the buffet and two bottles of water, which came to just over €11… and I went home feeling totally stuffed and very happy! If it’s available, I recommend the vegan lasagne.


Aloha Cafe

Fully vegan and sugar free, Aloha cafe is the place of dreams if you’re looking for awesome and very healthy food. I didn’t get to enjoy one, but the cakes looked so good, as did the pancakes. I was totally eyeing up the plate of pancakes on the table next to us. I actually went to the Aloha Cafe in Sesimbra which is right on the beach front and so worth the journey from Lisbon, but do not fear, they have a cafe in Lisbon too if the beach isn’t part of your travel plans.


Ao 26

Sadly I didn’t get to eat at Ao 26. We tried to eat there, but hadn’t booked and as it’s a pretty small restaurant they didn’t have a table available for an hour. I guess that’s pretty standard for a Friday night. I can at least say that the burger looked amazing, as about 70% of the customers in there were eating it!


Happy eating in the best vegan restaurants in Lisbon! 

Love, Cat x