Cat Meffan

Sweat & Smile

When I do a workout I’m not doing it because I feel like I have to or because I’ve eaten a huge slice of cake (although I might have done that too!), I’m going because I really love it.

I think so many people still think “eurgh, better get down the gym”, but there is so much more available to us and it’s just a question of putting in the time and finding out what gets you going! That might sound silly, but there’s something to be said for the awesome feeling I get when I leave a class or finish a workout that I love. The endorphins keep me motivated and as a knock on effect I want to eat healthily and make this my life, not just a fad for a month or so.

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Being happy throughout a workout is key, as you’ll put in the extra effort to get the extra benefits from it. One person might tell you that running will help you lose weight or get fit and another might tell you that dancing burns lots of calories, but if you really don’t enjoy running or dancing then you won’t put in the effort and therefore won’t see great changes in your body.

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I love taking my workout outside to the park or the beach if I’m lucky enough to be on holiday.


I try to do a new class once a month and if I love it I book another one, if I don’t I’ll just try something new. It doesn’t  have to be about the gym. My favourite gym alternatives at the moment are SBC (epic HIIT session), Sleek Technique (ballet inspired workout done via video conferencing), Flying Fantastic (aerial hoop), British Military Fitness (military style fitness in your local park), That Girl (online bodyweight workout), adult gymnastics class at CrossFit London (I did a back flick again!) and I recently tried Reach Fitness’ Warrior class, which was absolutely awesome! These particular classes might not be the ones for you, but if you’re bored of the gym then it might be worth hunting for a class to try. So many of them offer a free trial, so you’ve got no excuse! 😉


– That was the first time in about seven years. SO CHUFFED!

If you prefer exercising with other people, then why not join a club or see what Go Mammoth are doing near you. A couple of girlfriends have recently taken up netball again and are loving it.

Next on my list is joining a proper gymnastics club… let’s see if I’ll be able to somersault by the end of the year!

Sweat & be happy! x