Cat Meffan


Beauty isn’t something I talk a great deal about on the blog, but sometimes it just feels good to share! Today I’m sharing the best face oils with you. Ever since my trip to Finland back in February I’ve been using a nighttime face oil, so I wanted to share my favourites with you. Being in such a cold climate really took a toll on my skin. From the constant rubbing of my nose to chapped lips and dry skin wear I was continuously nestling my face into my scarf, my face really took a beating.

One of the lovely girls on the trip offered me her small sample bottle of a face oil from Darphin and since then I’ve pretty much used oil every night. I’ve switched from brand to brand and that’s not because any have been bad, it’s just because of what I’ve fancied trying at the time. Now having tried a fair few oils over the past 9 months I feel like I can give you a solid selection of my favourites.

Here’s the what, why and how much on the best face oils…




Beauty products can be pretty pricey these days, which is why I love The Body Shop. A brand with a great ethos, amazing products and super affordable prices. This oil feels ever so slightly thicker than the others listed here, so I do find that there is still a residue from it when I wake up in the morning. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, as I wake up with skin feeling extremely hydrated. Plus it smells so good. The £30 price tag might sound a lot for The Body Shop, but face oils tend to be more expensive than a lot of beauty products as they last for so long.

Shop The Body Shop, Oils of Life Face Oil




I won’t beat around the bush, this one isn’t be best smelling (Rob said I smelt of rabbit food when I lent over to kiss him goodnight!!), but it’s one of the smoothest to massage on to my skin and is probably my favourite, as it really does feel like it’s feeding my skin. Made of seed and plant oils, I know that my skin is getting a lot of natural goodness. The downside to Votary is the price tag – a whopping £70! If you have the money to spend then it’s worth it, but if you’re looking for a good oil at less than half the price, the others in this post are amazing. By the way, the smell isn’t that way, being a typical man, Rob likes to exaggerate these things!

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Darphin is where it all start for me and my obsession with face oils, so it would be wrong not to include one of my favourite fragrances. Face oils are a big focus for Darphin, so you know you’re getting something from a brand who really care about the product. Back in Finland, the Darphin oil was a saviour for my skin and had it back to normal within a matter of days.

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I worked with Caudalie back in February this year and have loved this oil ever since. It has quite a sweet smell to it, which is very refreshing just before bed. The Caudalie instructions say to use this on its own or with moisturiser. Straight after washing my face before bed, I use it, without any moisturiser, just a few drops onto my hands which I then pat and massage gently into my face. Again, as with all of these, I wake up with hydrated, soft and happy skin.

Shop Caudalie Vine Activ Face Oil


So there you have it, my round up of the best face oils, probably something we’re all going to need over the coming months in the UK!

Love, Cat x