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Beach Ready: Kayla Itsines Workout Progress

As many of you know, I started doing Kayla Itsines workout Bikini Body Guide back in June last year. I posted a four week review and then, even though I also reviewed Kayla’s Bikini Body Guide 2.0, I never really told you how I got on with any of it after the first four weeks.

Like I said in my initial post about the guide, I don’t follow Kayla’s food plan, as I’m very happy with the healthy diet I’ve had for a couple of years now… and yes, that includes and nice big treat once a week. At least it’s supposed to be once a week! 😉

Butternut Squash & Tomato Quinoa with Sugar Snap Peas

Butternut Squash & Tomato Quinoa with Sugar Snap Peas

Other than finding it hard to fit in all the LISS training, I really do love following Kayla Itsines workout guide. Being a fitness lover and blogger I also do weekly yoga sessions on top of the standard sessions in the guide, and any random classes I might get invited to. I think because of doing all these extras I sometimes found it hard to stay on track with Kayla’s guide, so towards the end (weeks 9-12) I was straying from the workout plan a bit, and as it was summer in the UK (with lots of BBQs and ice creams!) my eating went a little off track too.

kayla itsines workout abs

I made it to the end of week 12, but just didn’t see a big enough change in my body to feel it worthy of posting a progress photo. Between September and December I tried to start BBG 2.0, but just found that even though I was training a lot I wasn’t committing to the guide fully and my eating was healthy, but with a few too many treats throughout the week.

When I saw everyone posting about the Kayla Movement I knew that was it time to get back to business and so far, so good! I went to Cape Verde on holiday in January, so I had planned for that week to be write off, but other than that, I’m now well into week 6 of the guide and feeling stronger than ever. This time will power is going to get me all the way to the end of BBG 2.0!

kayla itsines workout cat meffan

The other thing I love about working through Kayla’s guide is that it really helps me plan fitness into my week and helps me make sure I’m finding time for my much loved yoga practice. If you don’t currently do yoga, I hugely recommend it. Not only does yoga help with stretching whilst doing Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide, it’ll help improve your flexibility and will allow you to change your outlook on life, with a positive outcome. I know that sounds a bit la-di-dah and spiritual, but yoga has honestly helped my mind become a more positive place.

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I’d love to hear how you’re getting on with Kayla’s guide. Leave me a comment below!

Love, Cat x



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