Cat Meffan

Wanderlusting for Adventure Holiday Destinations

Sitting in my bedroom right now at my parents, having Rob just return from the Bahamas and then leave again back to our home, I’ve got a severe case of wanderlust and am on the hunt for some new adventure holiday destinations.

I’ve been very lucky growing up and have amazing parents who love going on cultural holidays. When I was a little brat, I always moaned about going for long hikes of visiting amazing historic buildings…. oh how things have changed! I’ve gone full circle and am totally turning into my parents. There’s nothing quite like a good old adventurous hike with amazing scenery.

That doesn’t mean to say that I don’t enjoy a beach holiday, I really do, but as I’ve got older I like to tie it in with doing other things too. When we went to Ibiza earlier this year, we did a lot of fitness related things, went for coastal walks and did paddle-boarding, which was all amazing.

Adventure holiday destinations


When I was in a place where I hated my job, I just thought that I needed to unwind in the sunshine and do nothing for a week, but that wasn’t always the answer, as I never had the feeling of fulfilment and would then go back to work feeling a bit flat. Now when I think of a holiday, I’m looking out for the best hiking routes, yoga classes, local sports and amazing culture, with beautiful scenery.

Going to Norway this year was the first real adventure Rob and I have had together and now we’re itching to plan more. With buying a house at the moment, we haven’t got a huge amount of cash to splash, but if any of you have an recommendations of where we could go exploring next, PLEASE do comment below. 🙂 It doesn’t have to be far away either, if you know of an amazing place in the UK, then let me know.

Adventure holiday destinations

In return, here are my recommendations for you! 🙂

Newgale Beach, Pembrokeshire

Sauda, Norway

Table Mountain, Cape Town – hike it!

Pou des Lleo, Ibiza (and the surrounding coast)

Tavira, Portugal

Love, Cat x