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A little bit of help from my friends

Deciding to change my lifestyle in the way that I have hasn’t been easy, especially when it means going outside in the freezing cold to exercise or going out for a meal with friends and being the only one not having the burger and not drinking alcohol.

One way to ensure you stick to your plan is to seek motivation and inspiration from like-minded people. You can go about this in a number of ways, be it getting a personal trainer, following inspiring people on Twitter and Instagram or just having someone around you who believes in what you’re doing and wants to help or is actually doing the same thing.

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I’m very lucky as I have a boyfriend who is into fitness and we have worked out healthy eating plans together, making sure that once a week we can still go out and have whatever we want. In fairness he has a lot more will power than me – every so often I’ll try to sneak a chocolate or spoonful of sorbet and he’ll just give me ‘the look’. Some of you may think “why would I want my boyfriend judging me for eating a miniature hero!?”, but its not that at all, it just good to have that reminder. You’ve got to do whatever works for you though.

I work with some great girls, who also go to the same gym as me, therefore we motivate each other each day just by having someone to walk down there with. Even if we don’t go together, if one of them comes to work and says she went swimming that morning, it naturally makes me want to head down to the gym that day too.

Just a casual photo of me and the girl hanging out at the gym.

Just a casual photo of me and the girls hanging out at the gym.

It’s so important to have people around you who appreciate what you’re doing or to find motivation elsewhere. This weekend I met up with some old friends and found out that one of the girls, Alison, is really into her health and fitness too. Check out Alison’sĀ Instagram for photos of healthy food and exercise inspiration… she’s much better than me for that kind of thing. My Instagram usually gets taken up with photos of new clothes, although I’m trying to add more health and fitness related photos!

Image from FlevillFitness on Instagram

Image from FlevillFitness on Instagram

I’ve put together a little list of a few of the websites that have helped me so far, be it for motivating images, healthy recipes or exercise tips:

Skinny Bitch Collective

Fitness on Toast


Katie at the Kitchen Door

Gluten Free Goddess

Mother Fitness

Girls Gone Strong

The Lean Green Bean

Enjoy getting fit! x