Cat Meffan

A blog post about not being able to write a blog post

Towards the end of last week I had my blog open on my laptop and wrote numerous first paragraphs for a few different blog post ideas and none of them felt right. I’m hoping that by writing down my feelings now I might be able to get my blog mojo back up and running. I know it’s not even been long since my last post, but I just really feel like since the middle of last week I’ve been trying to force a blog post, which isn’t ok.

I’ve always wanted Imperfect Matter to be a place for motivation and inspiration, but I suppose if I’m not feeling those things myself then it’s going to be hard to portray them in a blog post. Not something I’m about. I want to be honest with you all. Last week I was taken out of my own routine and put into another one and on top of that I then got poorly. I was hoping to find time to run in the mornings and stretch out at night, but instead I spent the mornings trying to catch up on the sleep I’d lost throughout the night and the evenings spent seeing friends (which was awesome) or working and still feeling poorly. By the way this isn’t some kind of “feel sorry for me” blog post, I mean I only had a cough and cold! Haha.

I guess what I’m writing to myself mainly is that just with any job, when you’re not feeling like yourself it can be hard to keep your work up to the best quality. It’s important to let your mind and your body have that little respite and to not beat yourself up about it. I could try and write a blog post now about fitness or yoga, but then I’d just get angry that it wasn’t really ‘me’. Who knows, in an hours time I might be feeling totally different and ready to tap away at my laptop.

For now though, just know that I’m here, being human, being normal, just having a moment. 😉

Love, Cat xx 



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